Kay Sassani

Recognize, Reflect, Refine, Radiate

Recognize your path. Reflect who you truly are. Refine and develop what adds happiness. Radiate your brilliance within and without.  

Now that I have gone through several changes in my life, and have amassed tools, research and techniques to navigate those transitions, I am able to provide the assistance that I wish I'd had access to. My goal is to help you transcend expectations physically, emotionally, and on all levels, to get to what you really want to experience. 

Path Recognition


A completely customizable session for anyone at any point in their lives and experience. Using consultation and the transforming systems of Matrix Energetics, Master Energy Dynamics and other methods, the goal is to see where you are right now and to recognize the paths before you. Let go of what isn't working. Choose paths that resonate with self love and self worth. Experience the freedom and happiness that comes when you honor yourself. Operate from a place of abundance. Radiate kindness out to others without depleting your self.


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The Wellness Collective

24 Lees Avenue 

Collingswood, NJ 08108


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